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"I think that understanding people is the most important aspect in my work as a service designer. By people I mean customers, employees, contractors, and supervisors – everyone involved in the service process, and each having hopes and needs that are crucial in forming a service experience.

Even though every service situation and every customer experience is completely unique, they can still be managed. This can be achieved by anticipating possible outcomes, training the professionals involved, and developing the service - thus making it a composition of seamless cooperation and discovery. The outcome of a functional service is clearly visible: customers will want to use the service which, at its best, will create something new and unexpected.

My strength as a service designer is the ability to understand the entire process. I can see and understand the big picture, and am able to break it down into something concrete and tangible, something easy for others to understand as well. Creating, developing and testing together will not only create an outline and framework for development, but will also bring forth an infinite number of possibilities.

When getting started with a new project the very first thing I want to accomplish is to reach an understanding on what the business or company is all about. A workshop with the leadership and the employees will determine and define who they really are, what they do, and why they do it. Why are you the one doing your job? What does your job give you? Answering these questions will help us build a company identity that will reflect the genuine values of the service provider. If needed, we will also update the company's appearance so that the visual side, the outside, will correspond to what is on the inside. Choosing the right values and setting things straight on the inside has an incredible impact on the outside. Customers are inclined to choose companies and services where the delivery will correspond to the customer's expectations and where the customer experience is comprehensive and consistent. This will give you a competitive advantage and hence increase profitability. With service design tools we can develop the business together into something that is desirable, functional and needed.

When the company values have been chosen and a connection with the customers has been created, it will be easy to differentiate yourself, to stand out from the crowd. By testing, making mistakes, and learning together we can grow and create successful services."

Annaliisa Salmelin

Service Designer

BA – Industrial Design
MBA – Service Innovation and Design

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