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Customers and projects.

"My core competency and strength lies in my ability to manage the big picture: I am able to consider all components so that a simple idea can be turned into something concrete – something that actually works."

Below you can find short descriptions of some of our past projects.

HUB Turku


ATR soft


Lupa auttaa

The City of Turku / welfare division


The City of Turku / city administration

Kovamäen tila


HUB Turku

Jellow Factory Ltd – identity and product development - Antsu’s Mustard

Together with Jellow Factory, we created a basis for the company’s identity based on its values and vision. Jellow operates in a market where there was also a need to extend identity development to the product side. The Antsu’s Mustard trademark was completely revamped to correspond to the company’s values and to the identity that had been specified.

Kauppapuutarha Verso Ltd

Creation of the company’s identity and visual development of the product range.

ColdCompany Ltd

Creating company identity and product branding.

LM-Instruments Ltd

In cooperation with Nextfour Group Ltd 2014

Design of the user interface of a medical instrument, usability development and graphic design

”Dental Tracking System, DTS, is used to record and track (chosen) activities made to the articles registered into the system. Articles can be different kinds dental hand instruments or materials like dental fillings.”

Nykkeli Hyvinvointipalvelut Ltd

Creation and complete development of the Asiakas mukaan service from specification to piloting together with the customer and end-user. The creation, planning and development of tools to support the service.

ATR Soft Ltd

A comprehensive development of the company identity. Customer-centric service design and planning. All services were redesigned in order to increase customer potential and to further develop cooperation with current customers. Company visuals and offering categories were redone to better correspond to the values defined by ATR Soft employees.

ATR Soft Ltd – IOT-palvelukehitys

ATR Soft Oy needed to productise their own professional expertise in IoT. At the specification stage, we ended up productising an IoT workshop that ATR Soft could use to provide additional information on this hot topic and to help the customer to make a decision on purchasing a package enabling it to develop an IoT solution to support its own business.

Previous customer surveys had shown that customers lack knowledge and understanding of IoT. In the light of this information, we were able to develop a service that directly met the needs of the customer. At the same time, we developed and concretised ATR’s own processes aimed at supporting IoT development work.


The development and visualization of an ATR Soft product.

Premode Ltd

Development of the current company identity and services.

Premode Ltd – the Dotag app

The development of Premode Oy’s Dotag app together with end users. Dotag is a mobile app that makes it easy to produce and organise workload reports and notes.

“The benefits of visualisation were evident throughout the period of service development in the achievement of a common understanding. Without such visualisations, we would not have been able to develop the service in a customer- and user-centred way, as it was precisely these usability scenarios that helped us to understand the greatest challenges to creating the service, ensuring that it did not make the current situation more complex. By concretising the situations, we were able to see the stages experienced by the user, and to respond to them by improving service sessions.”

The City of Kaarina – visualisation of the service map

The compilation, planning and implementation of a mental health and substance abuse service map for the City of Kaarina.

The City of Kauniainen / welfare division

A discussion for disabled persons, their families, the city of Kaunianen service providers, and A45. Information gathering using customer-centric development tools.

The City of Kauniainen – Development of immigrant services

The development of immigrant services for the City of Kauniainen using service design and work guidance methods. The work was carried out cooperatively between the public and third sectors and immigrants themselves. A45’s partner in this is Saana Nybom, Work Supervisor, Nykkeli Hyvinvointipalvelut Ltd.

The first objective of the work was to determine the organisations involved in immigrant services in Kauniainen from the private, public (education, social- and health care, etc.) and third sectors (voluntary organisations). The survey was organised as an event/workshop for open discussion amongst operators in the immigrant services sector.

Another objective was a Customer Understanding workshop. It was organised amongst and together with immigrants, and dealt with their needs and wishes concerning coordinator activity. The purpose was to use suitable tools to initiate discussion on the needs of immigrants in Kauniainen, and on how a coordinator could be part of their successful integration.

The City of Kauniainen and Municipality of Kirkkonummi – Yhteinen kuntamme (our shared municipality) project

The visualisation and implementation of the final report of the Yhteinen kuntamme project, both as a paperback book and an online version.

The Municipality of Lieto – Family Centre service map

The compilation and visualisation of the services of Lieto Family Centre to support the work of welfare professionals. As a result of the work, a service map and service diagram were created, which served as tools in work with customers.

The City of Raisio – Lupa auttaa (permission to help) project

The creation, visualisation work and implementation of the final report for the Lupa auttaa project together with the customer.

The Municipality of Sauvo – The development of the working community

A shared Working Community Development Day for the employees and all the staff of Sauvo Family- and Social Services. The objective was to clarify a shared set of values and the roles of the working community, and to concretise work processes.

The City of Turku / welfare division

A project to find new service innovations and to further develop the current short term care operations model at the Turku 24-hour social and health services unit. The objective of the project was to find a functional operations model for both service professionals and customers, to learn more about the service design methodologies, and to bring all the service professionals together to discuss the development project. The project was carried out together with the director for 24-hour care Kirsi Kiviniemi.

The City of Turku / welfare division

A service design pilot project to create the foundation for a new operations model for the welfare division. The objective of the pilot was to involve both service project staff and service end-users in the service design process, and to create a new, customer-centric operations model for development. The goal for the project staff was to really internalize service design thinking so that new and current services could be further developed together with the customers.

The City of Turku / recreation division

Team workshop facilitation in a drop-out project.

The City of Turku / Urban environment work - design digital information screens

The Environmental Protection Department of the City of Turku’s Environmental Division runs a nature centre in Ruissalo in the Botanical Garden of the University of Turku. The aim of the project was to produce digital information screens for the facility, which can provide information on the nature and history of Ruissalo. The project was carried out in two parts, the first of which made a precise mapping of the initial situations, the needs and desires of the parties and the technical requirements, and specified the expectations and needs of the target groups. The second stage focused on content production, the design and testing of a user interface and on development work. The project continued after the second stage, and software was further developed based on user experiences.

Learning Group Helsinki - Keuda – Teaching work

The planning and teaching of a service design course together with Learning Group Helsinki. Keuda is Central Uusimaa’s leading organiser of vocational education for young people and adults.

Turku University of Applied Sciences - service design course

The planning and teaching of a service design course together with Markku Seppälä, a teacher at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The course was held for students of design at the university.

Palveluyhdistys Kaseva ry – live streaming of a seminar

Palveluyhdistys Kaseva ry organised a seminar on civic activity at Kaarina House in Kaarina. The aim of the seminar was to share good practices and experiences, openly discuss opportunities for Kaarina and increase understanding of hopes for development in civic activity in Kaarina. The seminar was recorded during the event as graphic notes.

Taitoliitto - The Finnish Crafts Organization

The development of the service concept and identity of CraftCorner, a crafts center shared by three businesses. The company identity and service concept were designed to better correspond to both operational business needs and customer needs.

Turun kaupunkilähetys ry – Development of the identity and services of

Cooperation with Turun kaupunkilähetys ry was carried out in accordance with needs and in a manner accordant with the shared vision. offers voluntary services to both young people and senior citizens. Services and marketing material have already been planned and created together as a result of long-term cooperation.

Varsinais-Suomen Lastensuojelujärjestöt ry – development work for the Family Line services

The clarification and development of the Järjestöt on the Road project’s Family Line services based on the needs of the target groups. The creation and implementation of service-related tools and materials together with the project personnel and an advertising agency.

Vanhustyön keskusliitto (VTK) – Service development

The planning, facilitation and ending of a workshop for the project managed by VTK according to source material provided.

ISS Palvelut

PA service design development project and facilitation with customers and partners in Kallanranta, Kuopio.

Master Thesis MBA

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Degree Program in Service Innovation and Design

Master Thesis 2014: Successful Service Development in the Public Sector: a Case study of a Service Design Project Carried out in Short-Term Care Services in the Town of Turku

Turku Region Development Centre / Visit Business Turku

Customer-oriented development of a virtual Business Turku platform. User interface design and graphic design.

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